Your child will be assessed by our expert therapists in our modern consulting rooms. We offer PDMS-2 (Peabody Developmental Scale) which assesses gross and fine motor skills.

The Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT), by Dr. A. Jean Ayres (founder of Sensory Integration Disorder), is known as the “Gold Standard” of testing sensory integration ad praxis functions. It measures the sensory integration processes that underlie learning and behavior. By showing you how children organize and respond to sensory input, SIPT helps pinpoint specific organic problems associated with learning disabilities, emotional disorders, and minimal brain dysfunction.

The SIPT measures visual, tactile and kinesthetic perceptions as well as motor performance.

It is composed of the following 17 brief tests:

  1. Space visualization
  2. Figure-ground perception
  3. Standing/walking balance
  4. Design copying
  5. Postural praxis
  6. Bilateral motor coordination
  7. Praxis on verbal command
  8. Constructional praxis
  9. Postrotary nystagmus
  10. Motor accuracy
  11. Sequencing praxis
  12. Oral praxis
  13. Manual form perception
  14. Kinesthesia
  15. Finger identification
  16. Graphesthesia
  17. Localization of tactile stimuli